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Blind Indus Dolphin
The Blind Indus River dolphin as its common name, although neither has yet spread into wide usage and the latter does not reflect that the Indus subsp

Tourist attractions Sukkur district is very peaceful and historical place, people are good and cooperative. Interest Places of Sukkur is the name that

Waar Mubarak Holy Hair
Waar Mubarak Mooe Mubarak holds Holy Hair of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.This precious relic was brought to Sindh from Istanbul by

Lansdowne Bridge Rohri
lansdowne bridge link between Rohri and Sukkur longest rigid girder bridge in the world at that time, was begun in 1887.The Indus Valley State Railwa

Karbala Rohri
Karbala Matam take out a Taziyah procession on day of Ashura, In Rohri this is called karbala, matam,karbala moalla,Rohri Mojza, 9 dhaal shield taziy

Indus River Darya e Sindh
Indus River Darya e Sindh. The Hakra is great flood channel or ancient riverbed which is independent of the Indus, although it has frequently received

Lloyd Sukkur Barrage
The Sukkur Barrage, officially named the Lloyd Barrage, on the Indus about three miles below Sukkur Gorge, is the pride of Pakistan irrigation system.

Minaret Masoom Shah
Minaret of Syed Nizamuddin Mir Muhammad Masoom Shah is the most conspicuous structure of Sukkur town. Syed Masum Shah was the governor of Mughal Emper

Muhammad Bin Qasim Mosque Arore
Muhammad Bin Qasim called his forces to a halt opposite the fort, where he also built a Mosque, the portion of which still stands on the top of a hill

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Aims Objectives
aims objectives,To introduce an the ancient city,To provide complete information about city,to help the historians and researchers,To attract tourists

About District
About Sukkur District is in Southeastern Pakistan in Sindh Province, on the Indus River.the third biggest city of Sindh and has a glorious past.In the

Sukkur City
Sukkur prides itself on being one of the historical cities in Pakistan The city of Sukkur is located at an altitude of 220 feet 67 m from sea level

Rohri Town
Rohri city is a Municipal Town is situated on the left bank of the river Indus begins from the stone age,Archaeological Paleolithic sites in the Rohri

Telephone Directory
The Most updated Sukkur telephone directory covering all taluka city and town police station, fire brigade, nazim, tmo sukkur, pano akil tmo, pia, edo

Health Department
Sukkur district hospitals name office phone mobile numbers officer rural health centre and rural health centre office phone mobile numbers directory T

Climate Weather
Sukkur District climate and weather temperature reports update, The annual rainfall ranges from 0.59 mm to 25.62 mm during the year. climate guides

language Spoken Sindhi Urdu
language spoken in Sukkur District, and 93% of population are native Sindhi speakers. Around 74% of population speak a regional dialect as mother tong

Transport Airport Railway Highway Roads
Sukkur District conect with large city via Airport, Railway, Highway Road, Railway Rohri Junction and National Highway also start Daewoo Express coach

Biography People
A biography is a detailed description,Biography of poet sindhi siraiki urdu and persian and more people Writer Doctor Hakeem Singer Educationist Journ

District Council
The District Council formerly the District Local Board came into existence in 1884 to provide services and facilities to people in rural areas. Since

District Population
District Population Graphs the total population in District was last reported, This page includes a chart with historical data for Sukkur Population,

District Geography
This is a discussion on Sukkur Geography within the All About District part of the Sukkur District, Geographically it is spanned from 27?05' to 28?02'

Pray Times Rohri
Daily update prayer times from Islamic Finder Knowledge organization, so we support IslamicFinder, a non profit organization,is dedicated to serving I

Satellite Map
Sukkur District Talukas google satellite map This place is situated in Sukkur, Sind, Pakistan, its geographical coordinates are North,East and its ori

British History
Sindh by the British period in 1843,Sukkur district was divided area of sq changed tapas and dehs by Sir Charles Napier was appointed Governor of the

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History Stone Age
The interest of town lies mainly in its history which begins from the stone age, for it is evident, from the quantity of flint cores and flakes found

Arore Alore Aror
Prior to the invasion by the Arabs in AD 713, Sindh was ruled by a Hindu dynasty whose Capital was at Arore (or Alore, Aror, Al Rur), a large city on

Bukkur Island
Named Bukkur (Dawn) by the pious Sayed Muhammad Makki in the seventh century of Hijri, this island is a limestone rock, oval in shape, 800 yards long

Bukkur Fort
Name Bukkur was derived by a pious Syed Muhammad Maki in the seventh century of Hijri. This place is of limestone rock, oval in shape,800 yards long

When the British came to Sindh, it soon became apparent to them that the Indus was little used for commercial purposes other than local grain traffic.

Forms of Administration
Forms of Administration On conquering Sindh in 1843, Sir Charles Napier inherited from the Talpurs a system of administration which was particularly s

Welcome to Irrigation,The importance of Indus water to the agriculture of the whole of Sindh has long been recognized,and successive regimes have ende

Land Grants Jagirs
Land Grants Jagirs under Jagir was exempted from the payment of land revenue under the Talpur regime.British conquest was nineteen lakh bigahs in exc

Kalka Devi
A mountainous cave popularly known as Kalka Devi Cave is located about one mile far from the capital city of Alore/ Arore in its South. Shasthi Langua

Local Government
The Development of Local Self Government during the past 125 Years The history of local self government in the subcontinent can be divided into three

Municipal Corporation
The Municipal Corporation was constituted for the first time in 1856, when the population of Sukkur town was only 12,000. The work of the town was car

Panchayat System
The ancient system of Panchayat was revived in 1981 under the Sindh Local Government Ordinance, 1979. There are now thirty-five Panchayat Committees i

Thermal Power Station
Thermal Power Plant is situated on the right bank of the mighty River Indus and at the eastern corner of Sukkur city.Tracing back the chain of circums

Sports Games
The favorite sports of the adult Muslim population.little information about games, Malakhro matches are held on holidays and Fridays and are a feature

Sadh Belo Island
Sadh Belo Downstream of the island of Bukkur, and separated from it by a short stretch of river, is the pretty little island of Sat or Sadh Belo. On i

Town Kot Mir
In Rohri city there are two very famous colonies (Kots). One is Kot Mir Yaqoob Ali Shah Rizvi Rohri while the other one is Kot Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi

Sukkur was well known for its cottage industries from early times. Boat building, leather work, and textiles were the important industries of the town

Reti Brahmanabad
Vinjrot is situated in a flat barren plain about five miles south of Reti railway station in taluka Ubauro, about sixty three miles north west of Rohr

Water Supply
The supply of drinking water to the citizens has always been a major task for the municipality. The first arrangement for water supply was established

Water Rates
Water rates or abiana has a long and chequered history. The irrigation system along the Indus seems to be as old as its civilization It underwent nume

Sukkur District Industry Economic
Sukkur Economy small and large scale industries. Among important industries are textiles, cement factory, leather, tobacco, paint and varnish, pharmac

Rohri Cement Factory
Associated Cement Rohri Limited, is the second oldest cement unit of Pakistan. Its first kiln of 200 tones per day capacity was installed in 1938. Roh

Trade Market
The business of buying and selling commodities commerce. A trade centre namely Chauhara Mandi Market Of Dates is working since long.the important item

Livestock Animals
Livestock, Domestic animals, such as cattle or horses, raised for home use or for profit, especially on a farm.Good breed of buffaloes, cows, bulls an

Labour Mazdoor
Mazdoor (Labour) The industrial and commercial establishment consists of banks, hotels, theatres, repair shops, etc Labor might refer to: Employment

Agriculture is the mainstay of the Province of Sindh. With its varying climatic conditions and very scanty rainfall, but good soil, man has been pract

Education Department
District Sukkur and Talukas education Rohri, Pano Aqil, Salehpat, and New Sukkur Govt education organized by: Government Of Sindh, The Sukkur madrassa

Govt Atta Hussain Shah Musavi Degree College
This College was established in 1964 by a prominent educationist Mr. Sayed Atta Hussain Shah Musavi, for catering to the educational meets of the town

Super Public High School
The institution aims at imparting quality education to its students, on most modern and scientific lines with special reference on science and informa

Public School Sukkur
The Sindh Education Department co-operated by making available a building on Military Road. Public School This building had been under-utilized

Madrasa Madrasah, Madrassah rul Islam
What Is Madrasa or madrasah, in modern usage, the Arabic word is the name of an institution of learning where the Islamic sciences are taught, i.e a c

Pirs Shrines Saints
It is an adage that Rohri is home of more than one lac twenty five thousand saints ( Pirs ). The customs of visiting shrines of saints or Pirs is prev

Mir Abdul Baqi Purani, Ex-Governor of Bukkur
The Tomb of Mir Abdul Baqi Purani, Ex-Governor of Bukkur, Amir Mirak Shah Ba Yazid Hussain, a native of Purani in Hirat, came to Sindh in AH 928

Qadir Bakhsh Jo Qubo
Qadir Bakhsh-jo-Qubo is situated some sixteen miles south of Rohri in Deh Akbarpur Jagir. It covers an area of thirty-five acres and contains many anc

Tomb of Khwaja Khizr or Zinda Pir
Khwaja Khizr Opposite Rohri is a small island of which about half an acre remains above water at the height of the inundation. This has been enclosed

Faqir Abdul Qadir Bux Sufi Poet Bedil Bekas
Faqir Qadir Bux Bedil 1814 1230 Hijri better known by his nom de plume Bedil was a Sufi Poet and scholar of great stature.After Shah Abdul Latif Bhitt

Sadar Din Shah Badshah
Shrine of Syed Sadar Ur Din Shah is located at the Bukkur island on the river Indus between Sukkur and Rohri near Khwaja Khizr or Zinda Pir

Sakhi Din Panah
Sakhi Din Panah his actual name is Abdul Wahab He belonged to a family of Bukhari sadat; According to a tradition Din Panah was found on a river bank

Shah Maqsood
Picture of Shah Maqsood is a Saint (Pir) Near Cement Factory Rohri on top of hill near by pass road You have to climb a stairway of thousands steps.

Syed Khairuddin Shah Jeay Shah
The green dome in Old Sukkur marks the tomb of Syed Khairuddin Shah alias Syed Ahmed Shah, who was a fifth- generation descendant of Pir Shaikh Abdul

Adam Shah Ji Takri

Syed Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi
Shrine of Syed Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi 5 Rabi ul Awal 1167 Hijri.Syed Allah Rakhio Shah Rizvi 17 Zil Hajj 1188 Hijri Syed Edel Shah Rizvi 1 Shawwal 1

Noor Mola Shah
Here is little information of Shrine Syed Noor Mola Shah Rizvi or other name Moor Shah je Mazar in Sindhi Launguage Rohri sharif, He is a famous Saint

Iraq Faqir
Iraq Faqir grave is inside in Imam Hussain Imam Bargah,He came in end of 11th Hijri (A.D) at Rohri, unknown person so no one know is real name just

Sateen Jo Aastan
On one of the little hills that rise out of the river bank on the south there is a level platform on which are many carved gravestones like those on t

The archaeological sites of the Buddhist period are very numerous in Upper Sindh. Apart from the presence of cities and stupas, they are often represe

Rohri Hills Fossils
Fossils are the preserved remains or traces of animals, also known as zoolites, plants, and other organisms from the remote past. The totality of foss

Kot Diji Fort
Kot Diji is an important Harappan civilization site located in the Rohri Hills of Khairpur province of Pakistan. Kot Diji Fort was the forerunner of t

Lakhan Jo Daro
Sukkur a new archeological site Lakhian Jo Daro was discovered near Goth Nihal Khoso in the factory area of Sukkur, Lakhan Jo Daro The archeological r

Rohri Hills
In 1975-6, the Cambridge Archaeological Expedition made a preliminary survey of the Paleolithic sites in the Rohri Hills.According to their findings,

Mammals Reptiles Amphibians
List of Mammals Reptiles Amphibians English Name, Scientific Name Local Name Sindhi and Urdu Language plus what are amphibians Frog, lizard, Snakes et

Birds list
This is a list of the bird species recorded in Rohri Sukkur District, Sindh Pakistan, List of Birds by Common Name Scientific name local language

Dolphin Bhulan National Fish of Pakistan and Fish Hatchery
Breeding operations commenced in July 1986, even though installation work was not completed until June 1988. Nearly three million hatch lings of two

Duck hunting, Houbara Bustard Hunting, Duck and water fowl were shot in the same way.Now a days hunting is still popular, although the stock is

Forest Jungle
Sukkur is fortunate in having more forest than any other District of Pakistan. Prior to the British conquest, annual inundations throughout the

Art Paintings
fine art oil paintings from national college of Arts lahore,1980. water colour on paper picture painting presented by Moolchand Thatoomal Dewan

Gazetteer History Reference
Refrences of Sukkur district, District Gazetteer of Sukkur Part-A, Government of Sindh, Syed Bachal Shah 1981.1998, ancient history of pakistan

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Brief and Pictorial History of Arabshahi/Purani/Mirki/Musavi Sayed's of Sindh
Kot Diji is an important Harappan civilization site located in the Rohri Hills of Khairpur province of Pakistan. Kot Diji Fort was the forerunner of t