Rohri City
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Rohri city

there are two very

famous colonies

(Kots). One is

Kot Mir Yaqoob Ali Shah Rizvi

Rohri while the other one is

Kot Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi

Rohri. First Kot i.e

Kot Mir Yaqoob Ali Shah

is famous as vast Kot a Colony and other Kot while is

Kot Mir Janullah Shah

Commonly called as small Kot or Colony. It is felt that

Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi

must had created
Kot Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi
Rohri, but in 10th Century (Islamic) The elder of Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi used to live in places (


) which they would call Kots.

     Then after Sayed Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi (Vice) would have rebuilt that Kot (Kot Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi Rohri). There were 5 doors for entering Kot Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi Rohri from which there are only 2 doors left today. One important door was at the south of Kot Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi Rohri on common way. Now a days, Kot Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi Rohri is not present in its
original condition
as it used to be. Although some marks and a door is still present in its original condition. That presents door of Kot Mir Janullah shah Rizvi Rohri open from south side and show the ancient and original way of construction in it. Some landmarks of ancient monuments (Kot Mir Janullah Shah Rizvi Rohri) e.g. door fossils and ancient places (Havelis) of Sadats can still be seen.

Qureshi Hamid Ali Khanai

has narrated that, Sayed Janullah Shah established a Kot around his place (Havelis) that is present on a hill which is situates at south east of Rohri city.

Artical Syed Ali Naqi Shah
Town Boundary Haveli
kot mir jan ullah shah