In the history in family tree, there was three Syed Bolan Shah in Rizvi Family, Some Grand sons of Alauddin, First Syed Bolan Shah son of Syed Waray-yaho سيد ورايو ,Second  Syed Bolan Shah father name is Syed Waray-yaho سيد ورايو ,Third Syed Bolan Shah Father name Bismillah Shah بسم الله شاه , But Syed Bolan Shah was one of them by the name of Hazrat Bolan Shah Dargah is the much frequented religious place, Sayed Bolan Shah was an ardent and zealous saint of his time, He had a great deal of involvement in the theurgy, (Sindhi: عمليات Urdu: عملیات) Theurgy. The other similar words are  Moujza, Amliyaat, Rohaniat or Miracle. He gave them power to put out demons and to heal all kinds of sickness and disease. Sindh and Kutch region Jogi (Snake charming) (Jogi Faqir or yogi Faqir Sindhi: جوڳي Urdu: سپیرا, مداری ) many were Mureed (Followers, Student, Chela and Shagird) to him. The Death of March 29, 1915 Had one child Syed Bismillah Shah on one o’clock in the afternoon Syed Bisslimah Shah died August 9, 1936 and his daughter acceded a Crown Prince (Gaddi Nasheen Sindhi:گادي نشين ۽ ماڳ Urdu: گدی نشين )

Dargah Bolan Shah Badami Rohri
Dargah Bolan Shah Badami Rohri

Topic Dargah Syed Bolan Shah Badami Rohri

Article by Sayed Sajjad Hussain Shah Musavi Rohri

Article Source By Syed Imdad Hussain Shah Rizvi Kotahi Rohri

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