The first bank to be established in Sukkur was Bambi Bank In 27th January, this bank was renamed Imperial Bank of India In front of the SSP residence and Sukkur’s Old Powerhouse (Current Wapda Customer Center) Grid Station east Bank Working in rented building of Saith Memon. Later the Bank Shifted front of St. Mary’s High School in new building its simple one-story floor was constructed of limestone plaster. (Before Partition) British raj, period burglar Robbers dig tunnel to steal money from Bank but they are failure. burglary suspect was caught. after partition the bank was renamed as The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) came into being in 1949, 30 or 35 years ago the new beautiful building of this bank build on same place. In which below is the main branch of the National Bank and The State Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is working on the second floor. Before the establishment of Pakistan there were other banks operating in Sukkur banks have been shut either been closed, Arabian Cooperative Bank Established in 1921 in the front of Lux Park, Punjab National Bank established in 1935 Near old Railway Station at Bandar Road Sukkur, Central Bank established 1935 at Bandar Road Sukkur, The Sindh Provisional Cooperative Bank Ltd established 1938 at Frere Road Sukkur, Imperial Bank of India (IBI) Indian Currency and Finance” authored by John Maynard Keynes. established 1935 at Sukkur

Imperial Bank of India

Reference Books

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Reference Sayed Nazar Muhammad Shah Rizvi Kotahi Bord 1913 to 1993 Rohri روايت مرحوم نظر محمد شاه رضوي ڪوٽائي ولادت ١٩١٤ع رحلت ١٩٩٤ع

Article Source By Syed Imdad Hussain Shah Rizvi Kotahi Rohri

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