eleven:30 Pm 15/03/2022 Wednesday At Rohri Railway Junction (Saqi Hotel and Restaurant) Hotel gas cylinder explosion stay cellular phone coverage from public domain Merge videos and share with you, Work safety, at least 3 persons sustained burn accidents while fireplace erupted in a store located on the Rohri Railway Station on Tuesday night time, in accordance the information, the fire spread very quickly and engulfed nearby stores and hotels. The blaze additionally damaged numerous bikes which have been parked close to the store.
Rescue teams reached the spot after getting information and brought the hearth underneath control. Rescue teams also shifted the injured persons to Rohri health center.

روہڑی ریلوے سٹیشن پر کریانہ کی دکا ن میں سلنڈرز پھٹنے سے آگ بھڑک اٹھی
آتشزدگی کے باعث دو ہوٹلز ، دو دکانیں اور متعدد موٹر سائیکلز آگ کی لپیٹ میں آگئی

Gas Cylinder Explosion
Gas Cylinder Explosion

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