Indus Valley Toad is a species of amphibians in the family toads. also known as the Indian marbled toad Its common name is Indus Toad / Frog Scientific Name is Bufo stomaticus (Lütkin, 1862) Color light gray Local Language Name is Urdu مینڈک (Manduck) and Sindh ڏيڏر (Dadar) Maidani Ghauk also known as the Indus Valley toad, Asiatic marbled toad, Punjab toad, House Toad or marbled toad They are found in Common House near Indus River arias of Pakistan This endemic toad species is the “National amphibian of Pakistan Indus Toad spotted toads grow up to 3 inches (7.6cm) long dots cover their tan or grey bodies. They have pale undersides. Breeding season is from March-June. Summer warm season After hatching, Toad Frogs into adults in 6-8 weeks.

Indus toad Bufo Bufo stomaticus (Lütkin, 1862)

Photography Credit 2007 Rohri.

Duttaphrynus stomaticus

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