The oldest alienation recorded in Sindh is a khairat (charitable grant) made in the days of Emperor Allauddin Khil;i (AD 1294-1316). The land revenues of Deli Aliwahan were given in their entirety to the children of Muhammad Makki of Rohri (deceased) as Madad Muash (maintenance and support).

Most of the land found in alienation at the time of the conquest (1843) was originally granted by the Talpur Amirs, who succeeded the Kalhoras as the rulers of Sindh in the early 1780s. The total amount of land that was found in jagir and confirmed by Napier at the time of the British conquest was nineteen lakh bigahs (in excess of 950,000 acres). Land granted under Jagir was exempted from the payment of land revenue under the Talpur regime.

Land Grants ( Jagir or Jagirs )

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