Sukkur A new archeological site Lakhian Jo Daro was discovered near Goth Nihal Khoso in the factory area of Sukkur, The archeological remains belong to pre Moen Jo Daro period. The professors at the Khairpur University did the excavation and found artifacts similar to those of Mehar Garh. They also discovered semiprecious jewelry from the site.

New Archeological Site Lakhan Jo Daro Discovered in Sukkur

Artifact found from Lakhan Jo Dari, Lakhan jo Daro is a Sindhi, word and it means The Hill of Lakhan, Lakhan ka Teela in Urdu

     The Archeologists believe the site is about 5500 yers old and is of pre Moen Jo Daro or 

Kot Diji

 era. The Vice chancellor of Khairpur Professor Dr. Nilofar Sheikh University visited the site with Archeological department after the discovery. The 

Archeological Department

 has announced that a site museum will be constructed soon. The miniter for culture & tourism Sindh privince Ms. Sassi Palijo also said that the museum will be constructed very soon and the encroachments near the mound will aso be removed.The excavation is being now cunducted with the Students and staff of the 

Shah Abdul Latif

 University and some volunteers of the area. They have also found a seal from the site which is similar to that of Mehar Garh and dates back to 7000BC hence the actual age of the mound could be 9000 years. Pakistan Archeology, If you would like to Visit the site or need a hotel reservation or need to get in touch with the university Please contact us we can offer you Local Guide in Sukkur, hotel reservation and car with driver in Sukkur

I along with Agha Waseem visited Lakhan jo Daro in Sukkur and then managed to see Professor Sharr at Khairpur University. Professor Sharr was kind enough to show us various antiquities recovered from the cultural mound. Later on Agha Wasim wrote an article on this visit which is quiet interesting and produced below:

For a long while I kept listening to terminologies like Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Pre Indus, Mature Harrapan civilizations and so on. Though the subject was very interesting for a layman like me but I never thought of listening to such eccentric jargon when we planned to visit Lakhan Jo Daro and met Pof. Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Shar of Archaeology Department, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur.

Lakhan jo Daro is a Sindhi word and it means The Hill of Lakhan in English and Lakhan ka Teela in Urdu. Going by the same nomenclauture you can also guess what the famous site Mohen jo Daro means.

Few months back news surfaced in international media about an ancient archeological find near Sukkur. Just in days Lakhan Jo Daro was a common word. Everybody was chanting Lakhan-Jo-Daro and its importance in the Archeological arena.

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