The natives, whether Hindu, or Muslim, speak the Sindhi (the Language belongs to the north-western group of the Indo Aryan family. The Sindhi language abounds in Arabic words). It is spoken in remarkable purity and with complete grammatical accuracy by all classes of persons, educated and uneducated alike.
     However, Balochis use among themselves the Baluchi (an Iranian Language). Urdu and Gujarati have also been imported by the Muhajirs.
SINDHI 74.0792.0156.74
URDU 13.821.7125.53
PANJABI 6.632.6510.46
PUSHTO 1.531.131.92
BALOCHI 1.471.671.28
SIRAIKI 0.990.201.74
OTHERS 1.490.632.33
Note: its a old survey when update

The Sindhi language (سنڌي) is spoken as a first language by Sukkur District

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