Map of Sukkur Distric Delimitation

Map of Sukkur Distric Delimitation (حد بندی) New National Assembly Halqas 2018

سکهر ضلعي جو تڪ وار نقشو
#Salah_Pat PS-23 Sukkur ii
#Pano_Akil PS-22 Sukkur i
#PS_24 Sukkur iii
#PS_25 Sukkur iv

NA 206 Sukkur-I
a) Taluka Pano Akil excluding the following
i)Municipal Committee Rohri
ii)Tapedar Circle Rohri of Rohri STC and 236,003
c) Taluka Salehpat of District Sukkur. 129,619
Total : 731,411
NA 207 Sukkur-II
a) New Sukkur Taluka; 319,768
d) The following Tapedar Circles of STC Pano Akil of Taluka Pano Akil:-
i)Sunder Belo, 10,061
ii)Panhwari Jageer, 12,776
iii)Nauraja, 14,195
iv)Hingoro and

e) Tapedar Circle Rohri of Rohri SIC 33,002
of Taluka Rohri
of District Sukkur.
Total : 756,492

Sukkur Ps

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