Nare Shala ناري شالا Founded in 1933 by the Devan Pasu Mal Bhagwandas Chandwani Railway Officer was established in 1933 at Old Sukkur. Which Same year he make opposite of Sukkur Post office open Parmeshure Chandwani Girls High School opened. These schools are providing free training to widows, orphans & poor girls in different skill, Including the sewing of clothes, Embroidery, Handicraft, Soap making Tutorial, Planting and more learning Crafts and craftsmanship ,They learn to act and think like designers and artists, working intelligently and creatively. That time chairman of this organization was Rai Bahadur Kundan Das. This time probably that old buildings should be replaced with new ones. Newly constructed Government Primary Girls High School Sukkur

Nare Shala ناري شالا

Article Author Syed Imdad Hussain Shah

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