Rohri city that has one hundred and fifteen thousand saints and canonesses is one of the ancient city in Sindh. Early ages it is called Lohri to be subsequently changed Rohri found details in Sindh Gazette. The city is situated near Indus River. Religious Moh Mubarak hair of Beard of Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) to get a huge importance and honored is placed in War Mubarak near Indus River as well. Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s taboot is known as Karbala Moalla Noh dhaal (9 Shield) was placed in Iraq mosque in early ages and subsequently to be placed in Karbala moalla and is mourned in 9th night in Rohri city from Karbala moalla domain. Secondly I wish to give you more information about Rohri city that the Temple of Hazrat Ali a.s and keep open for followers to do ziarat and is mourned on 21st Ramadan. Here is temple of Hazarat Imam Ali a.s to be very important place where followers come for spiritual and religious faith, known as Najaf temple but as taboot and imam barga founder Syed Zawar Hussain Rizvi tells its real name Azakhana e Najafi from where taboot e Ali a.s to be appeared on 21st Ramadan. A number of historical mosques and towns are in the city. The capital of Rohri whose old name Alhor and now known as Arore that is appeared on map of Sindh having saved its rest of territory stated a bit far from Rohri. There is one more point can be visited is known as Sateean jo astaan (seven sisters) and most of very famous and attracted bridge named Lansdown bridge Rohri Pul. A twenty four hours crowed place in Rohri is known Rohri station a lot of hotels and guest room are available outside station. Very important ancient streets, roundabouts and neighbors are historical places at where historical people who are the rest of history and a very honorable following Residential in Rohri are Syed family, Qazi Family, Akhund Family, Makhdoom Family, Paloty Family, Memon Family, Pehbha Family , Mehar Family, Bhatti Family , Baloch Family, Soomra Family and Shaikh Family.

Old name of Rohri

Article Author: Syed Kosar Abbas Rizvi

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