Pak-Saudi Fertilizer Ltd. (PSFL) is a large ammonia/urea complex with a daily capacity of 1000 metric tons of ammonia and 1740 metric tons of urea. The complex is situated 2.5 km north-east of Mirpur Mathelo, 104 km from Sukkur. The plants cover an area of 433 acres, while the housing colony for employees is spread over an area of 39 acres. There are 235 officers and 650 workers employed on the project. The project was financed by the Saudi Arabian Government and the Asian Development Bank as under:

Saudi Arabian Government Loan US$ 50 million

Saudi Funds for Development Rs 97 million

Asian Development Bank Rs 50 million

Work on the complex commenced on 18 April 1975 and was completed on 30 September 1980; commercial production of urea started in October 1980. The basic raw material is natural gas, available at the nearby Man gas field, about 8 kilometers from the plant. The gas is brought to the plant site through a 16-inch diameter pipeline and is used as fuel as well as feed stock.

The company had paid off all of its long-term foreign loans by the end of December 1990.

Engro Fertilizer Limited Plant Area

Engro Fertilizer Limited Plant location

Officially Site

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