Downstream of the island of Bukkur, and separated from it by a short stretch of river, is the pretty little island of Sat or Sadh Belo. On it is a Hindu religious establishment found in AD 1823 by Swami Bakhandi Maharaj Udasi the gaily painted buildings are, however, more or less modern. The place is held in high esteem by Hindus throughout Sindh and even in India. The island, with its two inlets, Sadh Belo and Din Belo, is shown on the official map of 1893 – 4 in 1912 it was accurately surveyed on the orders of the Collector, Sukkur (see, his letter N.4402 of 13 February 1912) and shown to cover 629 acres.

Note: Visit Sahd Belo a Hindu Pilgrimage Area. You need a permission from the department of Oqaf to go there.

Source Marble Carving Inside Temple

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