Shab-e-Barat(شب برات) Mubarak to the nation & the Muslim Ummah. Also known as Bara’at Night, Mid Shaban, The Night of Records, The Night of Fortune and Forgiveness, Shab e-Barat is a holiday observed on the 14th night of Sha’aban, the eighth month in the Islamic calendar. Shab e Barat night or the Night of forgiveness is a significant Islamic festival. On the night, Muslims worldwide ask forgiveness for their sins from the all-merciful Allah. God writes the destinies of all men for the coming year by taking into account the deeds committed by them in the past. Sha’aban 14 is also honored by Twelver Shia Muslims as the birthday of Muhammad al-Mahdi as, who is believed to be the ultimate saviour of mankind.

Shab e-Barat
(شب برات)

Month of Shaban

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