Sukkur is a hub of many small and large scale industries. Among important industries are cotton textiles, cement factory, leather, tobacco, paint and varnish, pharmaceuticals, agriculture implements, hand pumps, lock making, rice-husking, and sugar. Small-scale cottage industries comprise hosiery, boat making, fishing accessories, thread ball spooling, trunk making brass-wares, cutlery and ceramics.

Associated Cement Rohri Limited. Old Name Rohri Cement Factory
Olper’s Milk a company that supplies milk
Al-Taj Ghee Industries (Private) Limited.
Kiran Sugar Mills
Cotton Ginning and Pressing Factory
Vegetable Oil
Ghee factory
Oil Mills
Flour Mills
Ice Factories
Continental Biscuits (LU)
Oxford Knitting Mills
Crescent Chemicals Beverages
Plastic Factories
Marble Factories

Economic Sukkur

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