Vinjrot is situated in a flat barren plain about five miles south of Reti Railway Station in taluka Ubauro, about sixty three miles north west of Rohri. The area is covered with heaps of brick debris. Little is known of its history, but enough has been found in the ruins to show that it was once an important town. The artefacts, including coins, beads, and pottery, are similar to those found among the ruins of Brahman Abad. H.G. Raverty, in The Mehran of Sindh, says that it flourished in the days before the Hakra or Wahinda (see above) ceased to flow, that it was once part of Muhan province, and that it was later in the fief of a slave of Sultan Altamash of Delhi. Henry Cousens, in The Antiquities of Sindh, states that the site was systematically investigated in 1873 by two officers of the Indus Valley State Railway who published their findings in The Indian Antiquary of January 1882.

Vinjrot is now totally deserted. It is situated in un surveyed area 106, covering 122 acres of deh Vinjrot in taluka Ubauro.

Now a days

Reti Sindhi رتي Urdu: ریتی is a small city of Ghotki District in the Sindh Province of Pakistan. It is situated about 110 kilometers (68 mi) from Sukkur, and between Daharki and Ubauro, about 30 kilometres (19 mi) from the Indian border.


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