This page contains pictures and information about the Yellow Paper Wasp that we found in the Sukkur district area, Sindh, Pakistan. local name Sindhi Damboo or Hydhro Damboo, Sindh baher, Sindh Wasp, Yellow Paper Wasp common name for medium- to large-sized wasps that construct nests made of a papery material. Most paper wasps measure about 2 cm (0.75 in) long. Its large size. They all need water to manufacture saliva to mix with wood fibers to create the paper used in building their nests. They are social insects, which means one female lays the eggs and her daughters help her take care of the resulting offspring. Color: Yellow Legs: 6 Shape: Wasp-like, with long legs Antennae: Yes Region: Found throughout Pakistan. A very common species in Rohri

Yellow Paper Wasp

Paper Wasp in Pakistan
Species of Wasps in Pakistan
Yellow Wasp Sindh

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