Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Rohri Pays Tribute to the Casualties of the Indian Bombing on December 5th

     The war between India and Pakistan in 1971 brought a lot of destruction to Rohri. On December 5, a Sunday, two Indian jets flew low over Rohri and bombed the railway station. They targeted the Lansdowne bridge and the office of the station master. The Mehran train, which went from Karachi to Lahore via Rohri, was stopped at the junction. The Indian Air Force had been attacking the Pakistani railways to cut off their supply lines and troop movements. The train was one of their victims. A loud sound and two big blasts shook the station. After that, Indian jets would return every day. On December 10, a Friday, they struck again. They hit the area from the Railway Girls School to the Takkar muhala. Many people lost their lives in the attack, and the rest of Rohri fled in panic, leaving the city deserted. The war came to an end on December 13, when General Niazi gave up in Dacca, and then the people came back to Rohri.

 Rohri Pays Tribute to the Casualties of the Indian Bombing on December 5th


 There are many eyewitness accounts of war from different times and places. Some of them are published in books, articles, or websites, while others are recorded in oral histories or archives. Here are some examples of sources that you can explore: 


 Eyewitnesses can offer a unique and personal perspective on an event that may not be captured by other sources of information, such as documents, records, or media. Eyewitnesses can also help to corroborate or contradict other evidence, and to fill in the gaps or resolve the ambiguities in the historical or legal record. Eyewitnesses can also provide emotional and moral insights that can enrich our understanding and appreciation of the human experience of an event. Therefore, eyewitnesses play a crucial role in legal and historical contexts, as they can provide valuable information and evidence that can help to establish the facts and the truth of what happened.

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