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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Unveiling the Stone Age: A Deep Dive into the Rohri Hills’ Archaeological Wonders

 In the mid-1970s, the Cambridge Archaeological Expedition undertook an initial examination of the Rohri Hills' Paleolithic locations. Their research indicated that these hills were a prime quarry for chert, essential for crafting the Harappan culture's parallel-sided blades between 2300 and 1750 BC.

Ancient tools and artifacts from the Rohri Hills’ Paleolithic sites.

The Rohri Hills' southern tip, adjacent to Chancha Baloch village and a mere four kilometers from Kot Diji's pre-Harappan site, hosted a prominent Paleolithic site. This site, spanning roughly 5,000 square meters and nestled among dunes in a predominantly sandy locale, yielded a treasure trove of Middle and Upper Paleolithic relics and manufacturing waste.
Moreover, a significant number of production floors were discovered near a settlement called Nawab Punjabi. Unearthing these manufacturing sites, which chronicle the entire Stone Age epoch, has enriched our comprehension of Sindh's prehistoric civilizations.

Geological and cultural landmarks of Rohri Hills, known as Nahoon Takar and Char 4 Tukar.

Archaeological tools unearthed from the Rohri Hills, evidence of ancient human activity

The Legacy of Rohri Hills: Tracing the Footsteps of Prehistoric Cultures.

Close-up of a chert blade found in the Rohri Hills, a testament to early craftsmanship.

Chert Blades of the Past: Uncovering Rohri Hills’ Archaeological Secrets.

Artifacts from the Rohri Hills displayed against the backdrop of the site’s unique topography

Sweeping landscape of Rohri Hills, home to ancient archaeological sites.

The Rohri Hills, known locally as “Nahoon Takar” or “Char 4 Tukar,” are terms derived from the Sindhi language, signifying “New Hill” and “Quartet of Segments,” respectively. This nomenclature reflects the region’s distinctive geological formation and cultural heritage

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